Reader Comments

"Strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride of gratuitous violence, sexual references and other naughtiness.
If you are not laughing at the opening paragraph then get outta here!"

"Lynch is so unPC and so outrageously cool that some people won’t admit they’ve even read it while some people think it’s absolutely brilliant – a very loyal group of people wanting to read more."

"Lynch is one of the funniest stories I have ever read!"

It's gratuitous with a capital GRRR.

"Wrong in so many ways that it's pure liberating fun."

"No holds barred. 'Lynch' makes you laugh at things you wouldn't admit to your best friend."

"I didn't like it."

"The ending was a classic. The whole book was hilarious!"

"I just keep thinking how wrong it is but it’s so funny I have to keep going!"

"I enjoyed it so much."

"First you cover your mouth with your hand in moral shock, than realize you're just hiding a wicked grin."

"It was very gratuitous."

"It was hilarious!"

"It was over the top and crazy!"

"I stopped reading when I got to the haircut scene."

"I actually woke Carolina up with my laughter, if you want to know. I'm really enjoying it."

"This story is very cinematic, despite some expensive stunts and explosions. It's a very promising black comedy that, if cleverly manipulated aesthetically, could even reach a 12 audience. Hmmm. Actually I just read the bit with Mr. Tovarish... - Odin's beard! Maybe not a 12 after all!"

"I think it's good."

"Relentless, powerful and hilarious all over, Lynch is classic!"

"Hell Hag is a regular in my erotic dreams. It's that good!"

And a little anecdote:

My wife had heard about Lynch when I was writing the book but had often declared she would not like it. It sounded far too violent for her tastes... However when she finally picked it up, she laughed loudly page after page until she finished the whole thing.